Invited Guests

Invited Guests

The 8TH World Health Industry Conference - the main Guests



1. Representatives of the United Nations

Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Chen Feng fuzhen WHO honorary General Director

Luo , chief representative of the United Nations Project Services Department.


2. Host country China (representative of rapidly ageing countries)

Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of the nine ten CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the eleven National People's Congress

Qi Chun Chun, vice chairman of the twelve CPPCC National Committee

Ma Xiaowei, Director national health and Health Committee

Yifu Lin, vice president of the National Federation of industry and Commerce and vice president of the World Bank

Li Baoku, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs and President of China foundation for the development of ageing

He is a former Vice Minister of health and honorary president of China geriatric health association.


3. The 8th World Health Industry Conference - China-Japan silver hair Economic Forum

Time: April 17, 2019 afternoon

Contents: 1, Japan's Ministry of labor, officials, associations, experts and entrepreneurs.

2, China Health and Health Committee officials, association president, industry experts, entrepreneurs speech


4. Launching country - Ukraine (representative of a relatively aging country)

Yoav J Saiegh Jeff, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine

Roman Minister of health, Ukraine

Samsonov, President of Ukraine Oriental Medicine Association

Anatol Lee, Ukraine scientist, famous anti aging and recuperation expert

Alec Sandler, Director of Ukraine embryonic stem cell transplantation center


5. Launching country - India (representative of ageing countries)

Kashi, Nada, India, Minister of health and family welfare

Aiwen, chief representative of India-China Chamber of Commerce and industry, vice chairman of Arabia Federation of Nations

Vinay Aggarwal, President of India Medicine Association


6. Africa - representatives (representatives of non-aging countries)

Simon P. Adovelande , Ambassador of the Benin Republic to China

Charles Kayonga, Rwanda ambassador to China

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