Meeting‘s Info

Meeting‘s Info

Secretary-General Hong Fei attended the high level leaders' exchange meeting

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Meeting News: On January 11, 2020, "international high-level leaders exchange meeting" was held in Beijing. The leaders of multinational political and business leaders started a dialogue around the "Co-build, sharing ". Secretary General Hong Fei of the “9th World Health Industry Conference” was invited to attend the meeting.



Secretary-General Hong Fei meets with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi



Secretary-General Hong Fei meets with former President of Mauritius Ms. Ameena Gurib Fakim


At the international high level leaders exchange meeting, Hong Fei, Secretary General of the Council of the World Health Industry Conference, had deeply exchanges with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former president of Mauritius Ameena Gurib Fakim and other leaders. He introduced to the participants that after nine years of development, the World Health Industry Conference has been held for eight consecutive editions. The 9th  edition of World Health Industry Conference will be held in Beijing on April 15-17, 2020, and welcome the leaders to attend this big event. The two former dignitaries listened carefully to Secretary-General Hong's introduction on the preparations for the World Conference, expressed their admiration and congratulations on the continuous holding of the World Health Industry Conference, and looked forward to participating in this grand event benefiting the world as soon as possible.


Department of public information, world health industry congress


January 12, 2020

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