Meeting‘s Info

Meeting‘s Info

Capital of economy and science, technology and finance (Shandong) Forum

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Jinan News: On July 3, 2019, "Economic Capital and Science, Technology and Finance (Shandong) Forum" was held in Jinan. Gu Kaiyuan, Secretary-General of the World Health Industry Conference, Pan Yongan, Director of the High-tech Professional Committee of China International Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Fu Chengye, President of Zhongguancun Software College, and Director of China Ecological Environment Monitoring Center were in a meeting as well as Han Yuanhai and other distinguished guests all were invited to attend the forum.



Gu Kaiyuan delivered a keynote speech on Regional Development and Cooperation of large health Industries


This forum is jointly organized by the Secretariat of the World Health Industry Conference, the Development Promotion Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, the Commercial Department of Shandong Province and the Financial Office of Shandong Province. It is co-sponsored by the New Third Board Alliance and the Private Fund Industry Association of Shandong Province. Leaders of Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial and Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Provincial Finance Office, Jinan City, Provincial and Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and Bureau of Industry and Commerce, well-known entrepreneurs in Shandong, chairmen of major chambers of Commerce in Shandong and Secretary-General attended the forum. Leaders and guests attended the Forum strengthened the transformation of new Systematic thinking of economy, capital, science and technology and finance has played a positive role in promoting Shandong's national economy and enterprise development.


Director Pan Yongan delivered a keynote speech entitled "High-tech Drives Economic Development"


Fu Chengye delivered a speech entitled “Building Scale Software Factory and Realizing the Conversion of New and Old Kinetic Energy”





Secretariat office of World Health Industry Conference



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